Available on Xbox One, PS4 and Steam


A New Adventure For Eekeemoo!

Eekeemoo's arch nemesis the Dark Shard has stolen the Star Heart and kidnapped Yum Yum, Nim and D-Bot in a bid to lure Eekeemoo into his toxic domain. You must help Eekeemoo fight off the undead hoards while freeing Eekeemoo's friends and releasing the possessed kings from Dark Shards deadly mind-altering splinters.
As you journey with our tiny hero through the four realms of this dangerous landscape, each one filled with multiple levels, puzzles and tasks. You'll discover that there are hidden splinters, achievements and trophies to smash, find, unlock and collect.

This adrenalin-filled action adventure is fun and engaging and suitable for 12+

"We love Eekeemoo! He's everything a Ninja Eskimo should be" - R. Sinclair, ICE

The Heroes


Eekeemoo, our diminutive hero, is the last of an ancient Eskimo ninja-like order. He is versed in all manner of swordcraft, and he has a heart that is powered by the stars. This normally enables him to fly at great speed. In this tale though, he has had his Star Heart stolen. Which means he has to rely on his awesome ability with sword's and his friends to complete the quest.

Yum Yum

Yum Yum is a tundra troll and is Eekeemoo's best friend. He is always there to back up Eekeemoo in tight places. He is super strong and has a stone club which he uses to open smash, bash and crash all obstacles and monsters in his way. But be warned he has an uncontrollable passion for doughnuts.

Princess Nim

Princess Nim hails from the city in the clouds. When her kingdom was overrun by the Dark Shard, she turned to Eekeemoo to help her claim it back. Since then she has used her powers to protect Eekeemoo and the Northern Light.


D-Bot was built by Eekeemoo when he became lord protector of the lands known as the Northern Light. Fluent in over 9780 languages, nifty with his lasers and an expert in levitation and the preparation of blue snail tea.

Game Play Screen Shots

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